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- 2 year engagement -

Directed engineering for a Fortune 500 bank, one of the top rated in the nation. Worked closely with stakeholders to consult on roadmap, workflow, and talent allocation strategies.Consulted over two years concerning:• A novel integration of React Native that allowed the bank to explore the technology without parenting both native codebases under the RN umbrella. In so doing, saved the bank months of engineering time and massive expense.

• The immediate need of a library of shared UI Components. Led this work as an expansion of service, hiring to fill the roles. Achieved 57% faster feature development.• A universal app refresh of both native platforms as an expansion of service. We addressed technical debt, modernized language and design patterns, overhauled both the infrastructure and the data layer and implemented shared components. This improved dashboard load times by 90%.• The need for a CI / CD pipeline, including forced static analysis and unit testing as qualifications for merge. Oversaw this work, which reduced build-wait times by 95% and decreased defects.

• The transition from agency model to staff-augmentation, embedding our talent into their pods and ceremonies.• Mediation between multiple third parties and the client to improve outcomes in micro-services and code modularity, saving months of additional engineering efforts.• Supported the client's internal hiring processes by interviewing applicants to safeguard the integrity of their engineering teams.


Faster Feature


Shareable UI


Faster Data Loading


Faster Build Delivery


- Passio | 6 month engagement -

Consulted for a leading AI services company in Silicon Valley in the following ways:• Researched existing contracts, discovering potential risks and mitigating them.• Researched novel AR solutions and launched a new vertical. This was handed off to a seasoned AR engineer who took the vision to the next level and built an industry leading experience.• Worked closely with external clients as both Consultant and Lead Engineer, achieving best-in-class product results.• Strategized long-term future initiatives, identifying where to focus, and where to hold back.• Extended Consultancy for a few additional months to provide a smooth transition for external clients with whom I'd built strong rapport.Moved on to lead Fintech engineering at another agency.


iOS apps




web AR demos


faster builds

An early webAR experience explaining the mission of Passio.

- YML / Code and Theory | 3 year engagement -

• Led a multidisciplinary team across the agency in a study of 20+ AI solutions for consideration in our tech stack.• Pioneered Generative AI solutions for business use cases, proven via PoC's.• Researched AI generated Code, as well as AI generated Video, and shared results as video presentations with the entire company.• Instructed and encouraged other engineers towards the pursuit of AI mastery.


generative AI
apps created


high caliber
demos made


AI solutions


faster dev

A full featured app generated with AI, featuring sophisticated UI / UX.


Worked with an enterprise healthcare client to explore Generative AI as a solution for mental health. Created a PoC allowing users to input their feelings into the app, which then generated compelling AI artwork that expressed their emotions. The concept was my own, and the intention was to make the consideration of ones feelings a compelling activity, which when coupled with mental health training would improve mental resiliency.• The app featured highly sophisticated UI / UX, partially generated with AI Code. You can view a video beneath the schematics below.• The app interfaced with 4 different AI providers across language scanning, intention analysis, and image generation.• After creating a custom feelings-generated art piece, users could draw on the art to further make it their own.

Schematic: The flow of information through safety gates and AI scans

Schematic: A multi-step "Depth of Defense" that qualifies user input and modifies for safest results

A demo of the app in action. Note the sophisticated, animated UI / UX

Major sport

- 4 month engagement -

Worked with the enterprise sports client as an increase in scope of service to research their overall ecosystem, identify weaknesses, and provide high-impact solutions.• Researched their previous year of engineering activities, noting suboptimal patterns. Determined their 12 signature problems and 6 goals to solve them (See Presentations)• Created a detailed plan (75 pages) to migrate the entire org from their multi-repo, which was slow and fragile, to mono-repo. (See Research)• Shared strategy for creating and adopting a shared UI library.




solution goals


page strategy


faster builds

Fast Casual

- 8 month engagement -

Brought into the conversation with Chop't creative salad after some of the pre-work was done. Sat in on the final RFP meeting to discuss our engineering approach. Built instant rapport with their CTO, and was instrumental in closing a deal to refresh both their iOS and Android apps as native builds.• Served as Counsel and Liaison between our India team and the client throughout the build process. Reduced critical feedback loop delays by 80%.• Worked to recover downtime, improve velocity, attain best practice, validate estimates, and solve critical engineering problems. Reduced a 50% estimate shortfall to 20% via aggressive scope reduction (rightsizing the scope in alignment with the contract), and simplification of app infrastructure.


Of Orders Made
Via New Apps

4.8 ★

Up From 1.1 Stars


Fewer Customer


Reduction in
Feedback loop